TU Volunteer Trainings

TU volunteer leader trainings are a great way to increase your knowledge, access new resources and learn the tips, tactics and tools. Led by staff members as well as fellow volunteers, these trainings run the gamut of topics. For more help and information, contact a member of the Volunteer Operations staff.

Register for Upcoming Trainings

Click the links below to register for one of these upcoming volunteer training webinars and regional and national conferences offered by TU.
          Oct. 18 – Annual Financial Report and IRS Reporting
          Nov. 6-12 – Embrace A Stream Challenge Online Competition
          Nov. 15 – Deadline for All Chapters / Councils to File Annual Financial Reports
          Feb. 15 – Deadline for All Chapters / Councils to File IRS Form 990, Form 990EZ or Form 990N


View Recordings of Past Trainings

Scroll down to view all training videos and resources, or click one of the following links to jump to a specific training topic section.


Volunteer Leader Trainings


TU Project Finder Reporting Tool


Succession Planning & Leadership Development


Strategic Planning: Building a Roadmap for Growth

New Chapter Leader Orientation

New Council Leader Orientation

Financial & Personal Property Controls Policy Training

Chapter Finances & IRS Reporting - Oct. 2016 Training

Filing the Annual Financial Report Form


Regional Meeting Resources and Presentations
View presentations and resources from our many regional training conferences for chapter and council leaders.

Leaders Only Section Tools - Short Video "How To's"



Conservation & Angler Science

Navigating the FERC Hydropower Relicensing Process

Successful Grassroots Advocacy


Partners Everywhere: Building Partnerships to Increase Impact


Planning a River Restoration or Cleanup Day

Rivers Calendar: Using Angler Science to Collect Data and Engage Members

TroutBlitz: How to Monitor Trout Health with a Fly Rod!

Building Resilience to Climate Change in Your Streams


Working with Land Trusts & Land Conservation


Responding and Preparing for Aquatic Invasive Species


Principles of Successful Stream Restoration


Small Dam Removal


Stream Restoration Using Large Woody Debris


Culverts & Fish Passage


Youth Education Trainings


Lessons in Engaging Youth from the Youth Leadership Council

The Role of the Youth Education Coordinator

How To Plan a Youth Event


The Ins-andOuts of Starting a 5 Rivers College Program

Impacting Youth from Kindergarten to College

    Connecting Education to Restoration Projects


    The Headwaters Youth Program (old)

    • Note: Older presentation.

    Fundraising Trainings


    Embrace A Stream Grants - Overview and Application Training


    Foundation Grants: Finding & Applying for Local Funds


    TU's Fundraising Discount Program


    An Overview of Fundraising Opportunities for Chapters & Councils

    The Ins-and-Outs of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation & Federal Grants


    Membership & Community Building Trainings


    5 Easy Ways to Recruit & Retain New Members


    Membership Chair Roundtable

    Running a Successful Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Seven Ways to Improve Your Chapter Meeting


    Communications Trainings


    TU Who? Getting the Publicity Your Chapter Deserves

    Using TU's Bulk Email Tool to Communicate with Your Members

    Social Media: Expanding Your Online Presence


    Using the TU Event Printshop


    Using TU's New Logo & Brand


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